Every Tree One Breath

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50 TREES;     ~ 6.25 t CO2     225 €  

Every Tree One Breath


100 TREES;   ~ 12.25 t CO2   450 €;

Every Tree One Breath


150 TREES;   ~ 18.75 t CO2   675 €  

Every Tree One Breath

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CARBON CONSULTANCY As Nefesol, while providing carbon equalization services to our individual and corporate customers

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CERTIFICATION As Nefesol, we offer our customers the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact and

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DIGITAL MARKETING Web Site and SEO Optimization To strengthen your business's digital presence, you need an impressive website

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CARBON FOOTPRINT OPTIMIZATION Today, it is of great importance to manage the environmental impacts

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GREEN TECHNOLOGY INCENTIVES Today, sustainability is among the primary objectives of businesses

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TECHNICAL SUPPORT   Technology plays a critical role in increasing the efficiency of businesses and gaining competitive advantage. However,

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Erma Group A.Ş is a software company established in Gaziantep Technopark in 2020. Our mission is to build an environmentally friendly future by providing solutions to the problem of global warming with green technologies. The protection and sustainability of our environment is one of our company's core values. In 2015, our CEO's vision, inspired by the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, is to use the power of technology to combat global warming. This vision has become the focal point of our company and has led us to produce green technologies.
Our website, Nefesol.com, is a platform that shares this mission and brings together a community with high environmental awareness around the world. Our aim is to encourage people to conserve natural resources and to contribute to the stabilization of the ecosystem.
Our slogan is "Every tree is a breath" and it tells about the values that nature offers us. One breath of a tree is the oxygen that shapes our future. With this slogan, we emphasize the importance of respecting nature and taking responsibility for a sustainable future.
As Erma Group A.Ş, we produce green solutions by using advanced technologies in the software industry. Our R&D team is constantly working to develop solutions that minimize environmental impacts and increase energy efficiency. Our products and services aim to help businesses and individuals reduce their environmental impact.
By joining Nefesol.com, you can contribute to environmental awareness and sustainability. In our content, you can find informative articles about green technologies, news about environmentally friendly products and projects. At the same time, you can learn what you can do individually and make the transition to an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Doğal kaynakların korunması ve iklim değişikliği ile mücadele, hepimizin sorumluluğudur. Erma Group A.Ş olarak, sürdürülebilir bir gelecek için teknolojinin gücünü kullanmayı taahhüt ediyoruz. Sizleri Nefesol.com'a davet ediyoruz ve çevre dostu bir dünya için birlikte çalışmayı umuyoruz.
Sağlıklı ve sürdürülebilir bir gelecek için bir adım atın. Her ağaç bir nefes, her nefes bir umut demektir!


Our Greening Policy

  • 1 million trees per year
  • Zero carbon
  • Contribution to the Circular Economy
  • Green Collection
  • Sustainable Production
  • Development of green technologies
  • Environmental Awareness Education
  • Green Supply Chain
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Community Participation

What Customers Says

We are happy to work with Erma Group A.Ş. Their belief in green technologies and their innovative solutions impressed us. His professional team helped us complete our projects on time and successfully. Thanks to their reliability and environmental awareness, we have found a long-term business partner

Al Bau

Construction Company Owner

I met the contents offered by Erma Group A.Ş at Nefesol.com and I was very impressed. My awareness of environmentally friendly living increased and I saw how important green technologies are. I would like to thank Erma Group A.Ş. Because I think they make a difference for the environment.

Ertuğrul A.

Environmental Activist

I saw the content of Erma Group A.Ş on Nefesol.com and was very impressed. My awareness of green living has grown and I have seen the importance of green technology. I thank Erma Group A.Ş. because I think they make a difference for the environment.

Hans M.


Working with Nefesol.com was a great experience. We were impressed by their commitment to green technologies and their expertise in delivering sustainable solutions. Its products have helped us reduce environmental impact and increase energy efficiency. I would definitely recommend.

Defne M.

Business Manager

"The products and services of Erma Group A.Ş are really impressive. We are very pleased with the solutions we use to increase energy efficiency in our business. I would recommend Erma Group A.Ş to anyone who wants to be environmentally friendly and reduce costs."

Vanessa N.

Environmental Activist


Erma Group A.Ş operates in the software industry. In particular, it produces green technologies and offers environmentally friendly solutions.

Carbon equalization is when an organization or individual invests in emission reduction projects to offset their carbon emissions. These projects are activities carried out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prevent carbon emissions or remove carbon from the atmosphere.

The carbon footprint is a metric that measures the amount of your activities that directly or indirectly cause greenhouse gas emissions. To calculate it, you can use carbon footprint calculation tools or consultancy services that evaluate energy consumption, transportation, waste management and other factors.

They are projects carried out in various fields such as carbon equalization projects, renewable energy projects, forest rehabilitation, energy efficiency projects, biomass energy, greenhouse gas capture and storage projects. The selection of projects is based on factors such as the project's emission reduction potential, sustainability, certification standards and the project's social contributions.

There are different standards for certification of carbon equalization projects. For example, there are internationally accepted certificates and standards such as Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Climate Action Reserve (CAR), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).


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