Nefesol , while providing carbon equalization services to our individual and corporate customers, we also take a solution-oriented approach with our Carbon Consulting service. Our carbon consultants guide our clients in identifying, reducing and compensating for their carbon footprints. In this way, you can effectively manage your carbon emissions and contribute to reducing your environmental impact.


Carbon Footprint Assessment: In the first step, our expert consultants conduct a detailed analysis to determine the carbon footprint based on our customers' activities. By considering energy consumption, transportation, waste management and other factors, the main sources and amount of carbon emissions are determined.


Carbon Reduction Strategies: It is important to identify effective strategies to reduce the carbon footprint. Our consultants provide our clients with customized solutions in areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy use, waste reduction and recycling. These strategies can be applied both to reduce environmental impact and to increase operational efficiency.


Carbon Compensation Services: It may not always be possible to completely eliminate carbon emissions. This is where our carbon offset services come into play. We help our customers balance their carbon emissions through methods such as forest planting, afforestation projects and renewable energy investments. In this way, our customers have the opportunity to give back to nature while reducing their impact on the environment.


Monitoring and Reporting: During the carbon consulting process, it is important to monitor and report on our clients' progress. Tracking carbon emissions enables effective strategies to be implemented and allows for continuous improvement. Our consultants regularly provide reports and provide our clients with the necessary information to evaluate their performance.


With our carbon consultancy service, we offer our customers a comprehensive roadmap to fulfill their environmental responsibilities. As Nefesol, we are happy to help you reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a sustainable future by working together.