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Erma Group Tourism Industry and Trade Inc. and, General Ruling for the website and mobile applications of this site; m and Terms

1. General The following terms and conditions apply exclusively. Erma Group Tourism Industry. Trade Inc. In the contract, Erma Group A.Ş. will be referred to as. The contracting party will be referred to as the Customer. Other terms and conditions do not become part of the contract even if we do not openly object to them and/or deliver or perform them.

2.Contracting The services we offer should not be understood as legal offers and are therefore subject to change and non-binding. On the contrary, your specific request for one of our services is understood as an offer in the legal sense. A contract is made only when we confirm your request in text format (eg e-mail). After entering your contact information in the registration form and activating your account, you can submit your request. The scope of services stems from the service definition that can be seen at the date of conclusion of the contract. It has no right to make a contract. We are free to reject a customer's offer to enter into any contract without reason. The prerequisite for the conclusion of the contract is that the customer has unlimited legal capacity and is at least 18 years old. Contracts with minors are therefore excluded. has been kept. Name, address etc. The data required for the contractual relationship must be given in full and in accordance with the facts. Registration is required to use our services. Each customer may use only one e-mail address for use. It should not be a so-called disposable email address. Customer, Erma Group A.Ş. agrees to promptly update his account and other information, including email address, credit card numbers and expiration dates, to enable him to complete transactions and, if necessary, contact the Customer. Erma Group A.Ş. In case the service provided by Erma Group A.Ş. is based on incorrect, defective or incomplete customer data, Erma Group A.Ş. does not accept any responsibility for the customer's indirect damages. Erma Group A.Ş. He runs an evolution shop for the signing of the contract. Online store, Erma Group A.Ş. of, www.en, and mobile applications of these pages provides services to its customers. The customer places a binding order for the services listed on the order page by clicking the [Now] or [Subscribe now] buttons. The purchase contract is concluded when Erma Group A.Ş. Accepts the customer's order by sending an order confirmation via e-mail immediately after receiving the customer's order. The contract text is registered in our system. You can view the general terms and conditions on our website at any time. If you have a customer account (profile), you can access your customer data at any time in the “User menu”; You can view and edit your profile below. The data of your order and the general terms and conditions will be sent to you by e-mail.

3. cancellation policy If you are a consumer (i.e. a real person placing an order for a purpose that cannot be associated with your commercial or professional activity), you have the right of withdrawal under legal provisions. and the networkç Since it is a planting activity, the withdrawal period for individual customers is 24 hours. The withdrawal period for corporate or large bulk purchases is 3 days. Otherwise, the following provisions are valid for the right of withdrawal: RIGHT OF RELEASE Cancellation period, Erma Group A.Ş. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal of the contract between the customer and the customer, Erma Group A.Ş. yi [Çamtepe mah. Mahmut Tevfik Atay Bulv. Gaziantep technopark no:4 A İç door no:1 Şahinbey Gaziantep,] a clear statement (öfor example, by mail or e- mail) - a letter sent by mail). decision to accept this contract, cancel notification The customer may use the attached model cancellation form for this purpose, but this is not mandatory . The customer can also access, complete and email the model cancellation form on our website ( can send. If the customer uses this option, he or she will be sent a confirmation of receipt of such a cancellation (e.g. by e-mail). In order to meet the cancellation date, it is sufficient for the customer to send the notification regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the cancellation period expires. END OF CANCELLATION If the customer terminates this contract, Erma Group A.Ş. all payments received from the customer promptly and as soon as possible; Erma Group A.Ş. has to return it to the customer within fourteen days from the day he receives the notice that this contract has been terminated. For this reimbursement, Erma Group A.Ş. is responsible for the reimbursement used by the customer for the original transaction, unless something else is clearly agreed with the customer. uses the same; Under no circumstances will the customer be charged for this refund. However, in bulk purchases, Erma Group A.Ş. In case of renunciation, 20% deduction is applied from the amount collected and the refund is sent to a bank account operating in Turkey. SAMPLE CANCELLATION FORM If you wish to terminate the contract, please fill out this form and send it back. &Cedil;amtepe mah. Mahmut Tevfik Atay Bulv. Gaziantep Technopark no:4 A Civil; door no:1 Şahinbey Gaziantep, I/we () mine for the following service /we hereby terminate the contract with us ( ): Date of order: Name of consumer(s): Address of consumer(s): Signature of consumer(s) (paper/tamp only) ;if reported on) Date ( *) Delete where inappropriate. - End of cancellation –

4. Prices include the prices quoted on the Payment, Billing Website or online store, and the resulting amounts, statutory sales tax at the prevailing rate, and other price components. Erma Group A.Ş. has the right to change the price of any subscription offer at any time. Erma Group A.Ş. is responsible for any price increase as soon as it takes effect. 15 (fifteen) days, the customer will notify via e-mail to the e-mail address provided during the subscription. If the customer does not accept this increase, he can cancel his subscription in accordance with Article 5. If the subscription is not cancelled, the new price will apply from the next due date for the monthly subscription. Payments are made without any deductions via invoice, credit card, payment systems or automatic payment. Erma Group A.Ş. is responsible for choosing the available payment methods. In particular, Erma Group A.Ş. uses only selected payment methods for paying the customer, for example, only to secure the credit risk. reserves the right to submit. gift tree In the sewing made on behalf of the gifted person in the sewing process, the customer is accepted as the gift giver and the payment and return transactions are made with this person. Erma Group A.Ş. Can suspend membership or subscription. The customer can find detailed information about the payment methods available in the online shop. To the extent that Erma Group A.Ş. is required to issue or provide invoices at its own discretion or by law, Erma Group A.Ş. reserves the right to issue or provide electronic invoices, and Customer agrees to this billing format.

5. Term of Agreement and Termination Unless otherwise agreed in the individual agreement, both the customer and Erma Group A.Ş., in case of a monthly subscription, duly and at any time, terminate the agreement of the monthly subscription. one business day from expiration date; It can be terminated without any reason until before. Cancellation, Termination may be notified by email to

6. Warranty &Cedil;environmental effects, fire, weather, natural disasters, drought or similar reasons, Erma Group A.Ş. cannot guarantee that the planted forest areas will bind the amount of CO2 you want as a customer in the next century. The forest is planted every year in spring and autumn. Erma Group A.Ş.de your planting is a real forest in terms of shape will be different from the imprint. The process of sowing and planting may vary depending on the natural conditions of the country where the operation will be carried out and the type of plant, Erma Group A.Ş. may prefer a third country for planting. The tree to be planted Erma Group A.Ş. in matters such as its types, age, region. He is authorized, he can make changes at any time. Erma Group can cooperate with the Ministry of Environment, Urbanism, Climate Change, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Local Administrations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and private companies in the Afforestation areas to be built in Turkey. Publish the Names and Logos of these Institutions, share the Event Pictures on the web page and social media applications. The forest area you planted virtually corresponds to a tree you purchased in an afforestation area supported by Erma Group A.Ş. This tree For Turkey, an average CO2 storage has been calculated based on the results of a carbon inventory published for Turkey, or data from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change will be taken into account, therefore, the age of the tree, species, geographical location will be taken into account in the calculation. may vary depending on location. As a customer, the CO2 storage facility, Erma Group A.Ş. You do not expressly acquire the ownership of the marketing rights to the forest areas or trees planted by the Company. All rights, advantages and disadvantages of licenses and certificates on behalf of individuals and third parties belonging to the trees planted are Erma Group A.Ş. belongs to Licenses cannot be transferred to others. The licenses and certificates in the sewing made as a gift and the rights on them belong to Erma Group A.Ş. belongs to The duration of the certificates issued by Erma Group is 1 year, these certificates cannot be copied, reproduced or transferred to others without permission. Maintenance of trees Erma Group A.Ş. The trees that dry up due to natural conditions, forest fires and drought will not be planted in place of trees. Customer new tree If requested, new planting will be done at the current price.

7. Responsibility Erma Group A.Ş. To the customer via the tree; promises to sew. tree After the sewing certificate is issued at the end of the sewing process, Erma Group A.Ş. 's commitments are deemed to have expired. Damage due to slight negligence will be indemnified only in the event of a breach of a material contractual primary or secondary obligation (called essential liability) and in amount is limited to the amount of damage that is typical for comparable orders of this type and that is foreseeable at the time the order is placed. commissioning or delay; On the date of the breach of duty, however, it cannot be more than the amount of the order price. Liability for any data loss or data damage is limited to the effort required for proper data backup to restore data from the backed up data material. Our responsibility is excluded according to the above-mentioned regulations; This also applies to our surrogate agents as long as they are retained or restricted. The Customer cannot have Direct or indirect 3rd party persons and organizations have Audits made.

8. Data protection Regarding data protection, Erma Group A.Ş. It applies the provisions of KVKK. Information on data protection is available in our KVKK statement. Erma Group A.Ş. It undertakes to protect the data of customers and partners, and the customer also ensures that their data belongs to Erma Group A.Ş. accepts its use on its web pages and mobile applications. In this context, he accepted to receive notifications via e-mail, telephone and sms. 9. Final Provisions Turkish Republic of Turkey Turkish Commercial Code is valid. If you are a merchant, a legal entity subject to public law or a private fund subject to public law, the exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is Gaziantep Commercial Courts. In this case, Erma Group A.Ş., at its discretion, has the right to sue the customer in the court at the place of residence. For all demands and obligations arising from the contractual relationship, place of performance is Erma Group A.Ş. registered office. Erma Group A.Ş. has the right to change these terms and conditions for objectively justified reasons (such as law, legal situation, market conditions or changes in company strategy). If the change affects existing subscription agreements, existing subscription customers i will be notified via e-mail at least two weeks before the change takes effect. If the current subscription customer does not object within the period specified in the change notification, he is deemed to have given his consent to the change. If it objects, we have the right to terminate the subscription agreements affected by the change early on the date the change takes effect.